Meet the Speakers


Kayla Redig 

31, cancer survivor, director of VINCIBLE

Kayla Redig was a competitive athlete and elementary school teacher before she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 years-old. After experiencing the isolation and uniqueness of being a young adult cancer patient, she grew determined to change the experience for fellow patients and survivors. “It felt really odd to me to walk into the transfusion center for chemo and see a room full of men my grandfather’s age and then go to a doctor's appointment in a different room covered in balloon stickers and children’s handprints on the walls. Even finding other patients with a similar age and diagnosis across the country was a struggle. Where did I fit in? I often felt very alone but I knew there had to be other young adult patients out there that felt the same. I knew this wasn’t the way the cancer experience had to be for us." During her treatment, Kayla came up with creative ways to make her treatments bearable, and even fun. From these experiences, her passion for helping others do the same quickly developed. When not with friends and family, she enjoys public speaking, making pancakes, spending time outdoors, and doodling.

You can learn about her cancer journey here: Love Conquers All.


Sarah Denger

28, 2x cancer survivor, community engagement for VINCIBLE

Sarah Denger graduated from the University of Kentucky, and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in social work. Her life came to a halt, when at 23 years old, Sarah was twice diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. For three years, her time was monopolized in the hospital, receiving intensive chemotherapy treatments, including a stem cell transplant. It was during that time that she felt a debilitating isolation. Even when her loved ones visited/cared for her, she often felt even more lonely, knowing that they couldn’t possibly understand her unique circumstance.

It was the young adult cancer experience that Sarah decided to invest in her passions of activism work for the young cancer patient, as well as her pursuit in a career in fitness. Now at age 28, she states that these passions are the driving force behind helping others reach their potential, as their abled body will allow. Sarah teaches at many YMCA branches around Nashville, offering diverse styles of fitness including: barre, yoga, water aerobics, Silver Sneakers™, ballet sculpt, Glide Fit Core™ , abs express, circuits, sculpt, and dance. She hopes to continue connecting with young adults battling cancer, from all over, in hopes to show they are not alone. Sarah loves her cat, Petunia, and enjoys public speaking, drinking good coffee, reading, journaling, and having intelligent conversation.

“The Young Adult Cancer Experience” Keynote

Remember when being young made you feel like you had the world by the tail and everything was new? Your first love and your first job? Remember how it felt to drive a car for the first time, or to stay up all night with your friends?  You felt INVINCIBLE, right?  How about the first time you had cancer in your 20s? What did that feel like?  Let's ask one of the more than 70,000 young adults between the ages of 15 and  39 (the invincible years) who are diagnosed with cancer each year. Didn't know they existed? Now you do.In a system filled with specialty care like children’s hospitals and nursing homes, where do the young adults fit in?  What needs to happen to help the young adult patient face an older person’s disease? Among the many issues covered in their presentation, Redig and Denger invite audiences to explore the need for age appropriate support and resources for individuals diagnosed with life altering diseases. The duo also starts conversations around improved delivery of care, self-advocacy, health care navigation and more... including solutions to these issues!


Aman Thukral

Head of Digital Operations, AbbVie

Aman Thukral is the head of Digital Operations and eCOA at AbbVie. He has over twelve years of experience in clinical development, technology planning & business-technology alignment.

In his current role, he is responsible for eCOA operations, wearables and sensors,  piloting new technology initiatives & digital partner for patient engagement group. Before this position, he had worked in Deloitte, Cognizant & GlaxoSmithKline at various levels

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Dr. Bill Byrom

VP, Product Strategy and Innovation, CRF Bracket

Bill leads product strategy and innovation at CRF Health.  He has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years and is the author of over 70 publications and an industry textbook on ePRO.  His recent scientific work includes the use of wearable technology and BYOD eCOA in clinical trials.

Bill is Vice Director of the C-PATH ePRO Consortium and a member of the DIA Study Endpoints Community.



eCOA Forum Host

Migration Evidence to Support Use: Case Study Workshop


Chris Crucitti

Chief Commercial Officer, CRF Bracket

Christopher L. Crucitti, MS, leads the commercial functions of the organization, as well as the go-to-market strategy, to drive the continued growth of our already market-leading clinical technology solutions platform. Chris brings significant experience and expertise in the clinical and R&D domains. He has led organizations to significant revenue and profitability growth, while maintaining a high level of customer service and quality delivery. He joined from Science Exchange, having served as Chief Commercial Officer for the world’s largest enterprise platform to manage outsourced R&D services. Prior to Science Exchange, he held various senior executive-level positions and oversight of commercial functions within the CRO industry (most notably Worldwide Clinical Trials and inVentiv Health Clinical) overseeing solutions spanning technology, consulting, strategic resourcing, clinical development and R&D.

Chris holds a Master of Science from American University and a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College.


eCOA Forum Host


Mike Nolte

CEO, Signant Health

Mike Nolte joined in 2018 as the Chief Executive Officer. Mike is a seasoned operational leader whose career spans the healthcare, technology and financial services industries. Mike recently serving as Chief Executive Officer at Influence Health. Prior to that position, Mike served as President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of the public company MedAssets (MDAS), prior to which he spent 7 years at General Electric (GE), including roles as Vice President and General Manager of Americas Services for GE’s Healthcare IT business, where he led more than 1,700 teammates focused on GE’s $900 million healthcare software portfolio, VP and GM of GE’s $230 million enterprise revenue cycle software business and VP and GM of marketing and product management for GE Healthcare IT’s ambulatory segment. He also spent five years with McKinsey & Company and started his career as a U.S. Army Officer, finishing up as a Captain and Company Commander for an airborne, rapid deployment, medical supply chain and maintenance organization. Mike holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame.

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Todd Everhart

Clinical Vice President, Internal Medicine

An Innovator, educator, and leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with over 23 years of experience in the practice of medicine and over 12 years of experience in clinical research. Board-certified in Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, he has worked in all phases of clinical development in numerous therapeutic areas and is an expert in medical monitoring, medical data review, data visualization, data analytics, and technology adoption.